Monday, October 26, 2009

From My Archives: Fruits of Labor

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Oranges on Blue

Beets #1

Bowl of Plums

Beets #2

Plum Passion

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Excavation, Acrylic on Panel, 6"x6", 2009                  Garden Jewel, Acrylic on Panel, 6"x6", 2009

Fall is in the air and I consider the birds as they seek new habitat just as I seek warmer spaces to nourish my soul.  It is a time to nest.  My new series of bird paintings is inspired by my husband, Jim who is a birder - especially when we travel.  I pack my paints and he brings his binoculars.  My own birding experiences take me not much further than my small backyard. The garden sanctuary that I have created attracts birds from the tiny hummingbirds drawn to my still blooming hanging fuchsia to the flicker perched vertically on the snag of a telephone pole viewed out my kitchen window, singing his shrill monotone song.  These busy and playful creatures bring me much joy.  

Soon I will bundle up my series of small paintings and send them off the Museo, a beautiful art gallery on Whidbey Island where I have been showing for several years, for the Holiday Gift Sale.  The Christmas bird count is coming up soon.  I have not yet participated in this but may do it this year.