Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fruits of Labor

Summer seems to be drawing near to a close with the days getting shorter and the evenings getting cooler (although I always like to hang onto it into October). It is a time for reaping what we have sown and for enjoying the fruits of our labor. I have been making reverse paintings on glass throughout this season and have really been enjoying the

My materials overhead has been kept low as I have been painting on found or recycled glass. These paintings have been small and I am working my way up to a larger scale. This little series of persimmon paintings represent some of the bounty of what will be in store us as we transition into the next season, as we notice that flowers have gone from bloom to fruit production.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Reverse Painting on Glass - My newest medium

I thought for the summer I would try something that I never have before. I am "self taught" in this medium. Not exactly sure how I got into it but I had some small scrap pieces of glass around and was up for a challenge. You start with the detail first and them work backwards. Kind of like monotype (with which I have 15 years of experience). Once you put paint down it is nearly impossible to change it. That is the challenge but the effects amazing. Glossy shinny surface, clear colors and no need to protect the front of it because it is already under glass! Here are a few samples. More images to come.