Saturday, November 14, 2009


New Birds 6"x6"
Acrylic on Panel

Monday, October 26, 2009

From My Archives: Fruits of Labor

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Oranges on Blue

Beets #1

Bowl of Plums

Beets #2

Plum Passion

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Excavation, Acrylic on Panel, 6"x6", 2009                  Garden Jewel, Acrylic on Panel, 6"x6", 2009

Fall is in the air and I consider the birds as they seek new habitat just as I seek warmer spaces to nourish my soul.  It is a time to nest.  My new series of bird paintings is inspired by my husband, Jim who is a birder - especially when we travel.  I pack my paints and he brings his binoculars.  My own birding experiences take me not much further than my small backyard. The garden sanctuary that I have created attracts birds from the tiny hummingbirds drawn to my still blooming hanging fuchsia to the flicker perched vertically on the snag of a telephone pole viewed out my kitchen window, singing his shrill monotone song.  These busy and playful creatures bring me much joy.  

Soon I will bundle up my series of small paintings and send them off the Museo, a beautiful art gallery on Whidbey Island where I have been showing for several years, for the Holiday Gift Sale.  The Christmas bird count is coming up soon.  I have not yet participated in this but may do it this year. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Snow Lady Summer Recap

 Welcome to my new blog. The paint is still wet...................

Here are some highlights that I am eager to share:

This summer (during the heat wave) I moved into my new studio just across the hall, still minutes from my home in Ballard.  It was kind hard to leave the space I had grown to be so comfortable in for 6 years, but my new studio is cheerful, bright and spacious and I look forward to a brand new start.
Summer is over but my drought tolerant series acrylics can still be seen at Portalis Wine Shop in Old Ballard for another week.  Also in Ballard I was given a wall of my own at the new Portage Bay Cafe near the Ballard Lock where I am currently showing mixed media monotypes on paper of fruit. The work fits in well in the space and it is a delicious place to eat too!

I am excited to have my first wine label created for the Artist Series at Harbinger Winery in Port Angeles. It is a small bottling - only 99 cases so this citrusy white is only available at their winery.  A tasting will be held in November.   The label and information are posted on their website:

Presently I am taking a little hiatus from botanical imagery and have been working on a series of small paintings "6"x6" of our feathered friends.  Here are a few samples.