Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Small Landscapes

Here are three new 6"x6" landscapes on wood panel .

My latest series - scenes of my neighborhood in Ballard, also represents residential areas in general. Scenes that may get overlooked as passersby are often in too much a hurry to take note of beauty of the sea, ordinary buildings and other structures.

As a result of a class I took on working from photos, I disregard the original color and create my own limited palette often reflecting how I feel at the time. I find working on wood panel more enjoyable and conducive to working with acrylic than canvas as it glides across the surface more easily. Now what am I going to do with all those canvases that I have piled up in my studio?

My Newest Gallery

I am happy to let announce that I now have Pioneer Square Representation! A few months ago I was asked to join Fraker/Scott Gallery. They have only been around a short while, are in the middle of all the action in Pioneer Square and participate in the First Thursday Artwalks. They also put on a separate Artist Reception during the middle of the month for friends and family where refreshments are served and artists speak on their work.

For my "into" into the gallery I took place in the Door show and painted a garden on a door that I had hanging around in my garage. The title of the piece is "Opening".

Currently I have one of my reverse paintings on glass, a Madonna and Child, in the icon juried show and I will be featured in November/December botanical show and display works, some of which have been shown out of town but not in a Seattle gallery before. Stop by and see the space: www.frakerscottgallery.com.