Sunday, September 23, 2012

Original Monotypes for Sale

Hi Friends,

I have several monotypes on paper that I am selling at very reasonable prices.  If any of you knows of someone who loves botanical imagery and is interested in starting their art collection please pass along the information. I'll post my small works first and later my larger ones. These guys are 6"x6" and 6"x9" or so.

Three Blossoms, Monotype Collage, 6"x6" 
Swinging PInk, Monotype Collage, 6"x6"

Rosebud, Monotype Collage, 6"x6"

Nestled Together, Monotype Collage, 8"x8"

A Pair, Monotype Collage, 8"x8"

Green Pears, Monotype Collage, 8"x8"

Bird and Berries, Clay Print Collage, 6"x9"

Blooming Pint, Monotype Collage, 6"x9"

White Carnation Collage, Monotype Type, 9"x6"

Pomegranate Sketch, Monotype, 9"x6"

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